Create, collaborate and code with your sisters!

This hackathon is meant to bring women in our community together to build, share, and learn!


8:00 AM: Welcome

8:30 AM: Opening Ceremony 

9:15 AM: Hacking Begins

9:30 AM: Hacking 101 = Design Thinking + Pitching + Dev Stack + Intro to Web Development - Patio Room

12:00 PM: Lunch 

1:00 PM: iOS Development - Patio Room| React.js - Q-Side

2:30 PM: Dance - Patio Room


3:00 PM: Learn how to Solder by Makerspace - Q-side

3:00 PM: Intro to Github - Patio Room

4:45 PM: Karaoke

5:30 PM: Devpost submissions - Patio Room

6:30 PM: Hacking Ends

6:45 PM: Dinner

7:00 PM: Demo 

8:15 PM: Prizes and Closing Ceremony

9:00 PM: See you next year!

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Hackathon Sponsors


$1,800 in prizes

Women's Safety

Bridge the gap in STEM

The Future is Female (2)

CUNY Resource-Communications Project

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Be a 

  • high school girl interested in technology
  • CUNY woman pursuing a degree that leads to a career in technology
  • industry professional working in technology field


Ying Zhou

Ying Zhou
Program Director at the Tech Incubator

Zoe Peterson

Zoe Peterson
Software Engineer at AppNexus

Michelle C. Fraboni

Michelle C. Fraboni
Director, QC Center for Teaching & Learning

Ron Summers

Ron Summers
Department of Education, CS4All

Judging Criteria

  • Women's Safety
  • CUNY Resource-Communications Project
    Develop a supportive community for students by implementing both face to face and online interactions between students and faculty mentors. How an app could be developed to enable easy communication between students and mentors
  • Bridge the gap in STEM
  • The Future is Female